Reviewed By: Ludum/Thinton
Reviewed Date: 11/13/15
My status in this game is: Admin
I have been a member of this game since: 11/13/15
I think this game is: 5 / 5

A Unique Mud Experience

Hello, Adventurers!rnrnIf you're looking for an extremely interactive, action-packed universe to delve into... then you have most certainly found it. Classic 6 Dragons is an expansive world, with a very versatile and intricate race/class system. Keep it simple and play as a gnome mage, troll warrior, or human priest. Or you can spice things up and choose two classes. Even three! And don't forget the star class of the game. Dragons. Yes. You read correctly. You can play as one of the most magnificent creatures every to grace our imagination and myth. Gold, Black, Blue, Red, Silver. All with their own unique skills/attributes to personalize game-play. For you non-dragon players, don't fret. You're mortal characters can not only level, gain new skills, and complete a huge library of quests (which has additions put in all the time), you can also choose a profession/tradeskill and craft your own items. Ever wanted to be a blacksmith and forge your own shiney armor out of gold, steel, or titanium? (to name a few). Or you can pursue the life of a tanner and hunt animals and use their hides to fabricate and sew legendary cloaks, and hide-armor. If the culinary arts are more your style, choose baker and gather ingredients growing in the vast wilderness of classic 6dragons, and bake/mix pastries, drinks, and endless items fit for even the hungriest dragon. All these experiences are merely a brief skimming of the surface of this addictive world. So many more secrets and features await the willing adventurer who takes that first step into the universe of 6dragons. With an active staff, and growing player-base, you'll never have to fret about being alone or trodding through an unfamiliar mud without guidance. My staff character is Ludum, and my main player character is Thinton. Ask anyone and everyone for help or advice. You'll never meet an unwilling player here. So what are you waiting for? Log in. Create your character. Try us out. I am so glad I did, and I no you won't regret it.rnrnLudum - Game Events.rnThinton - Hellspawn/Demonrnrn(*****)

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