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MudVerse is a free online game listing and directory site. Do you want to List a MUD? MudVerse specializes in listing text based games such as MUDs, MOOs, and MUSHs. We also take pride in providing an easily editable database of both telnet and browser based games. If you're searching for a new game to play or if you're looking to get a game you play or helped create more exposure for, you have come to the right place! It is free to List a MUD or Tick based game on MudVerse.

Searching for a Game

MudVerse has a simple to use search with many advanced features. Our search not only encompasses the title and description of all games in our database but it includes all tags relating to this game. When a listing is created the owner of the listing has the ability to add a limited amount of free form tags. This allows the owner of the listing to provide more detailed information about their game in a constructive and searchable format.

Types of Games in Directory

MudVerse strives to list as many types of games as possible. This includes but is not limited to the following types of game: MUD (Multi User Dungeons), MOO (Multi User Object Orientned), MUSH and more.

Listing your Game

Listing your game on MudVerse is free and easy. We offer a detailed game listing page which allows you to select your game's features and functionality from a variety of different choices. You are also able to upload a banner image which will be displayed along with your listing. If you have a website for your game then include it in your listing and your banner image will be clickable with a link to your games website.

MudVerse Listings are Different

Unlike other game listing sites, MudVerse offers a free-form tagging system in additional to the normal feature selection and game details. This allows you to list a variety of tags that relate to your game. If someone searches one of these tags, your game will come up.

Our free-form tagging system also makes it easy to find new games based on keywords, genre, features, and game style or game type.

Game Advertising

If a free listing is not getting your game enough exposure, we offer monthly advertisement plans in which banner ads for your game appear on various pages, thus maximizing exposure.

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