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Reviewed Date: 10/01/15
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Don't be afraid to let g

Wayfar is built on the same code as Hellmoo, sans most of the sexual content and gory violence.rnrnThe player starts on a space station hub and chooses a character background and planet. Afterwards, they are dropped off on a planet and told to make the best of it, although completing certain objectives is encouraged. It has a procedural world generation system similar to Dwarf Fortress which reasonably simulates geography and biomes. Players also have the ability to create their own structures, and eventually bases. Each character can choose to focus on combat, crafting, construction, or providing various other services to other players, as well as NPCs. Rerolling is an integral part of gameplay as each character has pre-determined 'win conditions' on creation. Completing these conditions earns the player improved stats for future characters and unlocks more character creation options asrn well. Of course, there's nothing stopping you from NOT completing objectives and NOT rerolling, but each reroll increases the maximum abilities of new characters.rnrnThe game is under active development by experienced programmers who aren't shy about interacting with the player population.rn

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