The Isles of Adrasteia

Reviewed By: Alias
Reviewed Date: 03/12/15
My status in this game is: Player
I have been a member of this game since: 11/01/12
I think this game is: 5 / 5

Story diversity

-Adrasei: pre-industrial, Victorian metropolisrn-Ankou Ennis: Victorian and Prohibition Era steampunk with crime on one side of a giant wall and a zombie wonderland on the other (antimagic cursed; alchemy and science thrive in the absence of magic, but all other regions allow magic)rn-Astaria: Greco-Roman scholastic society of avians but a metropolis of diversity, to be surern-*Abyss: Drow society with heavy religious conflict and political tyrannyrn-Haven: (ooc RP hub) forests and werewolves, shore life and pirates, and almost literally everything else rn-Illynfel: Fae wonderlandrn-*Jangal: giant jungle, home to the anthropomorphic racesrn-Miriton: desert continent with a rich history and African- and Middle Eastern-inspired racesrn-*Rosfjorn: frozen wasteland with barbarian-inspired war clansrn-Soteri: dark and chaotic wasteland filled with precious minerals, dragons, and Deep Elves; and finally,rn-Great Tal: home of the Elves, a haughty, well-lived peoplernrn* are whole regions with lore and story created entirely by non-admin players.rnrnAdras Isles belongs to anyone who wants to carve into the world's history and make their own lore within it. The diversity of regions allows for almost any kind of RP. Bios and login/out messages are fully customizable upon registering. The limits to RP are defined by the limits of your own imagination alone. The admin make it a point to enable its playerbase to create indefinitely with as little restriction as possible. rnrnThe admin and playerbase are mature, friendly, and polite. It's the perfect place to escape to whenever you want to write. The world and the wiki are a constant work in progress and depend on the commitment of the players to keep them thriving and growing.rnrnIf you log in and no one's around yet, send an adras-mail (amail) to Astra or Sela, and they will help you with everything. If you stick around logged in, people will show up just to greet you. :) That's how much we like new players, whether they're experienced or new to the world of RP. Happy RPing!

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