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Legends of the Jedi

Legends of the Jedi is a Roleplay-Enforced, PVP, open-world storytelling game set in the Star Wars Universe.

Legends of the Jedi is a text-based roleplaying experience that immerses players in a multiplayer world where they can rewrite classic Star Wars stories with their own heroes, villains, battles, and endings. Over the course of each two-year timeline, the game explores all the key eras of the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Take and hold planets as an Imperial Stormtrooper, command the Rebel navy and liberate the galaxy, pursue targets as a bounty hunter, or shape things on a larger scale as a member of the Galactic Senate. Maybe you’ll even be one of the few born with force sensitivity, destined to be trained by Jedi or Sith.

The game offers an extensive crafting system for engineers to supply weapons, armor, and ships to the galaxy. Develop new, cutting-edge armaments to give your side an edge, or open a shop in a bustling commercial district and become wealthy as part of a powerful engineering conglomerate.

LOTJ offers full PVP in both ground and space combat, governed by a set of rules to minimize griefing and ensure that all kills have sufficient in-character cause.

What role will you play? The legend awaits!

Player Reviews

Review Title Author Name Submitted On Game Ranking
"s" Bando 01/21/22 5
"U" Zakattack 01/21/22 5
"Action-packed and fun!" Klor 01/21/22 5
"Recently Starting Playing" Kasgrim 01/22/22 5
"1/10" faef 03/12/22 5
"1/10 moderators = bullies" fae 03/12/22 5
"Worth the Ride" Falcon 04/13/22 5
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