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Bleached InuYasha Galaxy  Added:  (02/27/21)
A hybrid MUD that mixes together the Bleach and InuYasha anime series into one unique intense adventure.
Tales of Seyda Neen  Added:  (02/03/21)
Stand up... there you go. Well, not even last night's storm could wake you.
Elysium RPG  Added:  (01/22/21)
Free-to-play and a level-less player progression are hallmarks of Elysium.
A long time ago in a galaxy far, father away than the one you know...
Awakened Worlds CE  Added:  (01/14/21)
Play as a Shadowrunner in the cutthroat world of Seattle of 2064.
NarutoMUD  Added:  (01/11/21)
NarutoMUD is the original Naruto themed MUD that features over-the-top anime influences
Haven of the Embraced  Added:  (12/22/20)
Welcome to Haven of the Embraced. Can you survive the Dark Ages of the World of Darkness?
Firefly - Still Flyin'  Added:  (12/19/20)
Come play in the Firefly/Serenity Verse as created by Joss Whedon with us!
Viking Mud  Added:  (12/10/20)
Viking Mud - a fun mud with guilds
MUME — Multi-Users in Middle-earth  Added:  (12/04/20)
A free PvP MUD based upon The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Join the epic war between Sauron and the West.
Cleft of Dimensions  Added:  (11/28/20)
Most experts agree that the Cleft of Dimensions is the okonomiyaki of text adventure gaming.
Dragonball Universe:MMO  Added:  (10/29/20)
Best Dragonball Mud you'll ever play
Lands of Redemption  Added:  (10/24/20)
Lands of Redemption is an exciting world filled with twists, turns and adventure!
Elder Tale Online  Added:  (10/15/20)
Elder Tale Online MUSH is an Isekai MUSH within a VRMMORPG setting.
Planet Path  Added:  (10/05/20)
A Scifi, Spaceship Building, Planet Traversing MUD Game
Advent of the Mists  Added:  (09/12/20)
Advent of the Mists MUD is a classic medieval fantasy MUD.
Wordscapes Puzzle App  Added:  (09/03/20)
Great word search game.
ConQUEST  Added:  (08/17/20)
Crafting, exploration, fast-paced combat. Come tame the frontier!
Herm World Mush  Added:  (07/15/20)
The specific focus of this game is to explore the world of the herms.
Middleages   Added:  (06/13/20)
A fantasy based mud with questing and recently coded remorting system. Updated regularly.
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