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Reviewed By: NotKenneth
Reviewed Date: 09/10/17
My status in this game is: Player
I have been a member of this game since: 09/11/11
I think this game is: 5 / 5


The full version of this review can be found here: Nobody wants to read reviews full of subjectivity: straight to the meat.rnThis is about Cerberus, a top-tier administrator on Sindome.rnYou will be occupying the same space as him, should you choose to play.rnrn_____rnrn[OOC-Chat] Staff Cerberus: Just like to make another appeal to the community. If you're not aware, we've received some negative reviews on TMC from banned players and in the absence of positive reviews , they stand out a lot. So if you've had a positive experience with SD and the Staff, please feel free to post a review on TMC so we can avoid losing potential new immigrants to the exaggerated claims of a few toxic people.[OOC-Chat] Staff Cerberus: We appreciate any time people take to write the reviews. It's unfortunate that the voting doesn't speak for itself, but we need to protect ourselves and our new players from the toxicity of banned players.rnrn+++rnrnWhat this man is doing is called "poisoning the well." You insult someone before they get a chance to make a statement in order to persuade people's opinions of them negatively. It works wonders. Unfortunately for him, it's not an argument, thus has no rational, keyword rational, persuasive merit. It would be like if I referred to him as Cranky Cerb throughout the rest of this review in Trump style of bestowing a funny nickname onto your opponent. But it shouldn't affect your judgement. But it does.rnrnBy attaching negative adjectives to the writers of these reviews ("banned, toxic"), Cranky Cerb is able to gain the persuasive upper hand on people who are less likely know about these kind of tricks. And you don't want to be tricked, do you?rnrn_____rnrnCONTINUED:

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