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Aragond: the Chronicles

Aragond, a high fantasy, rp-n-slash mud based on AD&D.

A mud based on Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, we've tried to create a blend of role playing and hack-n-slash elements, to offer a little something for everyone.

This isn't your standard, stock ROM mud. We don't have "groups", you take each skill and spell individually, and shape your character exactly how you like, it is impossible to have a "cookie cutter" build.

Play any of 9 class and 20 race combinations, with the ability to multi class, giving immense options in your character's potential array of abilities. Random loot drops combined with predefined objects give players many options for their equipment.

Objects are somewhat more immersive than most muds. We have an extensive random loot generation system, which creates millions of variations of items. You can push, pull, or pry objects as well, all with varying effects. One example I've seen is players pulling corpses of other players into a safe room so they can retrieve their equipment after dying to a tough monster. Objects can also be buoyant, and thus float on water, and furthermore, drift in the direction the wind is blowing. Trees age and grow, you can pack tobacco in your pipe and smoke it, scribe scrolls, erase them, and more.

Some of our features:

- Classes: fighter, cleric, thief, wizard, druid, ranger, paladin, bard, monk.
- Races: human, half elf, elf, half orc, gnome, halfling, dwarf, duergar, drow, half ogre, minotaur, centaur, loxodon,
aarakocra, revenant, aasimar, bugbear, tiefling, lizardman, tabaxi.
- Multiple ways to gain experience, from exploring to crafting, to good ole' killing.
- Multi classing (true d&d style)
- Ships (player owned and operated)
- A living economy (affected by almost everything, from resources available to money on hand at shops, and more!)
- Extended immortal functions (for running in game quests and such)
- Wizards/clerics/druids learn spells from scrolls, and can scribe them to teach others.
- Many expansions for OLC to give new areas more flavor. (oprogs, new sectors, new flags (for objs/rooms, new npc
races, and MUCH more.).
- Complete removal of stock areas. We're in the process of rebuilding our world from scratch (1300+ rooms currently.)
- A random item system (set to an act_flag), allows mobs to have your traditional 'stock' items as well as random loot.
- Stronger mobs drop stronger random loot. Bosses set up to have loot tables.
- Boss mobs have typically

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