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Haven of the Embraced

Welcome to Haven of the Embraced. Can you survive the Dark Ages of the World of Darkness?

Having been around for over 20 years in some form or another, Haven of the Embraced has undergone a number of facelifts, a couple of changes of ownership/admin, and a handful of major overhauls. The theme and setting is based upon White Wolf Publishing's Classic (Old) World of Darkness line, specifically the Dark Ages: Setting. The core is a Modified ROM codebase, with heavy original additions supplementing or replacing stock attributes to work within the (D10) ruleset of the Classic World of Darkness (CWoD). Much of the combat system and skills systems has been overhauled in this manner, and new additions/tweaks are ongoing. Haven is an RP Encouraged MUD, with the majority of character decisions not needing any sort of approval.

Character Development centers around your Character Sheet, which lists your Attributes, Abilities, and other Specialties your character possesses. This should be familiar to anyone who is familiar with the World of Darkness D10 system. (Knowledge of the CWoD is by no means required to play). Your skills and abilities available in-game are based upon your character sheet and are unlocked as you upgrade your character. Progress for a character is determined in two manners. Firstly, leveling up from 1 to 100 through hack and slash, roleplaying, or some combination of both. Upon reaching level 100 by your wits and specialties (based upon your race, and character sheet), you are given the option to 'Remort'. 'Remorting' starts you back at level 1 (with all skills and items retained), and provides you with points to use on your character sheet to permanently power up your character. You might learn new toys to play with, or simply increase a Statistic to give yourself better rolls on existing abilities.

Character races are based upon Vampire, Werewolf, and Mage. Each race has its own subdivisions (Clan/Tribe/Tradition) for additional customization. Your character sheet can be built how you wish, with a 'classless' system. We are RP Encouraged, and boast a mix of RP/H&S for gaining experience to progress.

We are continually updating, and looking to rebuild our playerbase (and possible staff positions) now that a large portion of the code has been fixed. Hop in and join us and grow with us! Ask for Gilean on the OOC channel in game, or in the Discord server. Questions/Concerns/Comments always welcome!

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